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Our Philosophy

     It is a scientific fact that the primary years of life are the most crucial for brain development and learning.  At Leaps and Bounds Children's Academy, your child will develop language, cognitive, fine and gross motor, social/emotional, and self-help skills through developmentally appropriate practices, techniques and guidance.  These skills will help your child build their self-esteem and prepare them for their future educational experiences.  Each child is treated with love and respect and is offered a positive learning environment.


     We at Leaps and Bounds Children's Academy recognize the need for children to explore, create and play at their own pace.  We encourage individual growth while offering group activities that are age-appropriate.  We offer a child-centered teaching technique, encourage children to learn concepts and skills through self-discovery while our teachers remain available to maintain the flow of the classroom and assist children in their own discoveries.  We are dedicated to helping each child reach his or her full potential in a nurturing, creative environment.



     Your child's comfort, needs, and safety are always our number one priority.


It's a

happy talent

to know how

to play.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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